Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer


With so many lower cost options, why spend the extra money on landscape architecture or design services when most garden variety landscape companies offer some or all of the things that a dedicated designer will.  Here are the top five reasons why it might make sense to hire a landscape designer or architect vs. a simple landscape company.

1. The qualified landscape designer is ideally trained formally and experienced enough to maximize the functionality and aesthetic beauty of your outdoor spaces.By understanding the lifestyle needs of a client, the professional landscape designer is better equipped to create workable landscape architectures that fit well and maximize your outdoor living enjoyment.

2. Landscape designers provide access to products, materials and plants that are often available only to trade professionals and often are of superior quality. As design experts, they have experience and resources that clients and customers lack. They also provide access to other known and proven contractors and resources with whom they know and work. Fellow architects, carpenters, landscape construction companies, masons and electricians are invaluable in the process of seeing a project completed on time and budget.

3. They create detailed landscape plans that provide you with a clear visual layout and road map for your landscape architecture project. Detailed overviews and elevation drawings for terraces, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, etc. provide clients with the ability to make more informed decisions. Planting layouts consider cultural growing characteristics of plants and trees as provide visual references to plants throughout the seasons. Maintenance factors are also considered.

4. Landscape designers provide a resource that will increase your property value in future markets. Properly designed and installed landscape architectures are the most valuable investments a client can make to their outdoor property. Kitchens, bathrooms, and home technology renovations add real value to homes but quickly become outdated and lose value over time. Landscape projects, using quality stone materials, properly placed plant specimens and premium landscape lighting systems actually increase in value over time with proper maintenance.

5. Finally, landscape designers free their clients from having to focus on details that are better left to the professionals. Clients can place a deeper sense of trust in the qualified service provider to do what they do best. The desired goal for any real professional landscape designer is to save clients both time and money by designing and often managing their project in an efficient manner. Many clients desire to phase projects in over time.

Again, with so many options and choices that would appear to be more economically attractive, your real estate is in most cases is your single greatest personal investment. Why trust that investment with mediocrity in design? High quality landscape architectures are ultimately viewed within the same light that the home, building or structure equity is and adds clear value to it. Just ask the realtors.

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