Hawks Brook

Large boulder waterfall cascading into pool

Overlooking a brook and surrounding meadow, this backyard space started out as a sterile strip of lawn tucked up against ledge outcroppings.  With inspiration taken from the beautiful exposed ledge and surrounding meadow and woods, we designed a contemporary space that follows the natural contours of the landscape while providing unique areas for dining, entertaining, lounging and play.  As the space moves up the hillside into the natural landscape the materials become less formal and more natural.  Formal columns topped with classical iron pots give way to large native blueberry shrubs surrounding an elevated  natural bluestone terrace overlooking the landscape.  Walls are curved, staircases circular and raised circular planters reflect the natural topography of the land drawing the eye through the space.  Plantings include groups of flowering perennials anchored with evergreen dwarf shrubs.  Ornamental trees uplit at night add 4 season interest and shaded areas during the summer months.  Future planting will add to the surrounding native species and include low bush blueberry, native viburnums, ferns and winterberry.

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